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Deloitte Magazine : Creativity for the new economy

For professor and journalist Richard Florida, the most restless people in the planet are building a new world. In
this new world, excessive consumption and unrestrained use of natural resources are replaced by continual
innovation. In this exclusive interview to Mundo Corporativo, he explains why creativity, innovation, and human development are crucial to keep thriving in the economy of the future.

June 22, 2015
Creative ClassCreativity

Creative Living : Chasing originality, powering growth

An ever-growing group of
Americans is proving vital to
our society. Its members are
educated, employed in a variety
of industries, and engaged in a
lifestyle that values individuality,
originality, and participation.
They’re steadfast in their
goals, resolute in their attitudes
and ideals, and just plain happy
with the paths they’ve decided
to follow-so much so that
they are reshaping commerce
and communities.They are the “Creative Class”.

December 17, 2014
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Faena Sphere : Agents of Change

Richard Florida, journalist, founder of creative group, author and global leader in urbanism, has brought a breath of fresh air to the field of urban renovation, especially after the collapse of the global housing bubble. Florida has been a prominent figure in the economic sphere since 1990, when he wrote his first book exploring the technological boom of Silicon Valley. His theories are characterized by his ability to recognize something many intellectuals had ignored: cultural diversity stimulates the economy.

September 4, 2013