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The Huffington Post : Made In Detroit

Detroit’s fall from grace–from its ruins porn to its obesity rankings, from its crime rate to its bankruptcy–has all been exposed in the lurid glare of publicity. But I am constantly defending the Motor City. No campaign has captured the spirit and soul of the everyday people who live and work in the city –until, that is, the Detroit-based watch, bicycle, and leather goods manufacturing company Shinola choose the legendary photographer Bruce Weber to capture the essence of the city for it’s newest campaign.

March 10, 2014
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The Huffington Post : Creative Spaces: Schools That Don’t Suck!

In this newest installment of our Creative Spaces series, we have scoured the world to find schools that truly celebrate and inculcate creativity — whether through their design and architecture, art or music programs, or new ways of thinking. We decided to stick to public schools since most private schools charge high enough tuitions to create complete utopias if they wish.

April 26, 2012