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Medium : Preparing our Schools for Reopening

As we begin to take our first tentative steps to re-open its economy, it is important that we begin now to plan for our kids’ eventual return to school — not just the K through 12 students, whose parents need to go back to work, but college students. Protecting the lives of each and every individual — students, faculty, support staff, and their loved ones at home — must remain our principle focus.

May 12, 2020
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The Huffington Post : Tech Giants’ Freeze-Your-Eggs Policy Is Not Enough

The world’s most innovative and creative organizations should be dreaming up new ways to establish a better work-life balance for all their employees. Instead of holding out a carrot on a stick for would-be mothers, they should be establishing best practices to keep them engaged, productive, and excited about work while they raise their families.

December 1, 2014
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Horizons : Floridas on Miami, Florida

During your Caribbean Cruise, you may dream of living in paradise, of packing it all up and escaping to the islands. While that’s a great fantasy, the reality of trying to make a living makes it less attractive. But there’s always Miami. No, really, Miami. It’s a great place to live. Just ask Richard and Rana Florida, the power couple behind the Creative Class Group.

November 14, 2014