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Horizons : Floridas on Miami, Florida

During your Caribbean Cruise, you may dream of living in paradise, of packing it all up and escaping to the islands. While that’s a great fantasy, the reality of trying to make a living makes it less attractive. But there’s always Miami. No, really, Miami. It’s a great place to live. Just ask Richard and Rana Florida, the power couple behind the Creative Class Group.

November 14, 2014
Rana Florida ProfilesRana Florida Upgrade Features, Reviews and News

She Knows Parenting : Make room for a new kind of working mom

Interview with Rana Florida. In her new book Upgrade, she discusses why the work force needs to change to accommodate accomplished and determined mothers who merely need flexibility and understanding in order to live the kind of life they want while raising a family and still working. Too much to ask? Impossible to have it all? Not necessarily.

November 6, 2013