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Taking your work and life from ordinary to extraordinary

Taking your work and life from ordinary to extraordinary

What could a graffiti artist, eminent neurologist, star athlete, celebrity chef, fashion designer, rocket scientist and Grammy award-winning musician possibly have in common?

In this groundbreaking new book, Rana Florida shares their formula, giving you the tools to achieve unimagined success in work and life. The best-seller Upgrade gathers the best practices not just from CEO’s and business executives but from entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers, and creative leaders and presents their philosophies in simple and actionable terms that anyone can put to good effect in their professional or personal lives from day one.

Despite their vastly different backgrounds and skills, her research concluded that there are seven key principles to achieving your business and life goals.

  1. Envision the future
  2. Find your passion
  3. Get creative
  4. Design your time
  5. Collaborate
  6. Take risks
  7. Embrace failure

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the majority of us don’t do. Instead of developing a real strategy to upgrade and optimize our lives too many of us just slog through life in a state of ‘managed dissatisfaction’.

Well, it is never too late to envision an entirely different future—or to actively upgrade your life. It’s not about finding more time, money or resources. Anyone can do it.

This entertaining and insightful guide delves deep into each principle, giving you the insights, tools, and inspiration to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

“You’ve been sitting in the coach class for too long, it’s time for your upgrade.”

Upgrade includes over 30 interviews with many of today’s leading thinkers and creative minds, including Sir Ken Robinson, Dan Pink, Mark Cuban, Andre Agassi, Kenny Scharf, ZahaHadid, Governor Martin O’Malley, Tory Burch, and Tim Brown.

Rana Florida is CEO of the Creative Class Group, whose clients include BMW, Starwood, IBM, Philips, Zappos, and Johnson & Johnson. She writes the Huffington Post column, “Your Startup Life” and is a regular HGTV contributor. She has appeared on The Today Show and MSNBC and in The New York Times.  She lives with her husband, Richard in New York, Toronto and Miami.

“Toronto Life 50 Most Influential Couples”
Toronto Life

“This globe-trotting innovator has many titles – CEO, Author, Editor, Cultural Curator”
The September

“Rana’s perspective on business and life is a fresh new take, breaking the traditional corporate mold. Upgrade is a must read for anyone not buying into the conventional wisdom.”
Ali Velshi, CNN Chief Business Correspondent, Anchor, CNN-I World Business Today, Host, CNN Your Money

“Upgrade welcomes you to take a fresh approach to everything you do to get the most out of work and life.”
Nelly Furtado, Grammy Award winning musician

“In the 21st century success is as much about raw talent as it is about strategy and those who have both will clearly succeed. With Rana Florida’s well researched and clearly written “Upgrade” in your corner, everything from email strategies to team creation at every level will become transparent and intuitive. This tome is the manifesto for success in a way that leaves no one in your reach a loser.”
Mario Batali, Critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur, award-winning author, and television personality

“Why ride in coach, when you can upgrade? A must read for a better journey through life.”
Don Tapscott, Best-selling author, Wikinomics

“Creative and innovative strategies to upgrade your work and life, with 7 simple principles.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.com, Inc and The New York Times Best-selling author, Delivering Happiness

“Read Upgrade for its stories, examples, and strategies and get ready to live the life you always wanted.”
Frank Toskan, Founder M.A.C. Cosmetics

“Upgrade is an a-ha book that will change how you look at life’s challenges and give you tools to upgrade your life.”
Toure, co host of The Cycle on MSNBC

“Rana Florida is the ultimate editor–life editor. If I’m going to listen to anyone’s good advice about how to improve my approach to work and life, it’s Rana. She is whip smart, endlessly creative, hysterically funny and totally real.”
Kate Betts, Contributing Editor at TIME, columnist at The Daily Beast & Author of Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style

“…Rana Florida to LM100 offers a new perspective that validates the concept of the Hub and Le Meridien’s brand strategy targeting the creative minds.”
Starwood Hotels and Resorts

“This is a good motivational read with tips and quotes that can change the way you live your life…”
Ken Thoresen

“I read Rana Florida’s best-selling book ‘UPGRADE’ when it first came out and loved it.”
Prologue Lifestyle

“Florida presents the collective insights in an engaging way.”
Margaret Jaworski, Success Reading List

“She has been at the forefront of creativity and thought leadership on a global scale for two decades, providing counsel to some of the world’s most respected brands.”
Village Gamer

“HGTV’s hostess extraordinaire, Rana Florida…covers every gorgeous detail…”<

“…this book will transform your life, stop waiting and start by reading now.”
The Collative Pro Blog

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“Upgrade is so inspiring and uplifting.”
Pedro Hernandez, Small Business Computing

“A must read with a refreshing new approach to upgrading your work and life giving readers the tools necessary for optimizing success.”
Phil Holoubek, President, LRC Real Estate

“This book will motivate you to get an Upgrade.”
Margaret Jaworski, Success Reading List

“Radical Ideas for Better Employee Productivity.”
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Toronto Life

“Transformative Principles Guaranteed to Deliver Remarkable Results”
Dream Believe Write Blog

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“In ‘Upgrade: Taking Your Life and Work from Ordinary to Extraordinary,’ corporate strategist and CEO Rana Florida provides step-by-step tips on how to enhance your life, maximize your productivity and achieve your goals.”
Today Show, NBC

“Florida outlines her seven principles for achieving life and business goals.”
Star Business Club, Toronto Star

“What I immediately loved about Rana was her fiery spirit and ambitious attitude. When I read her book Upgrade, there were so many messages that resonated with me.”
Brika Blog

“Upgrade is inspiring and terrific…”
Rebecca Ryan, Founder Next Generation Consulting

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“Out of all the books I have read, this has been by far the best…”
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“In her new book, Upgrade Rana Florida comes with a more practical approach.”
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“In her new book, Upgrade, Rana Florida aims to provide readers with the tools to achieve success in work and life.”
The Globe and Mail
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“It gathers best practices from CEOs and other business executives, as well as entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers and creative leaders.”
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“We could all use an upgrade!”
800 CEO Read

“The book to read this month.”
Leslie Roberts, Global News

“That book, is a life manual, dolling out strategies for success…”
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Julie Ann Turner, ConsciousSHIFT

” ‘Upgrade’ explores the philosophies that have helped well-known figures — like Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi and Nelly Furtado — attain success both professionally and personally.”
Elizabeth Palermo, Business News Daily

“Is there anything more enticing than a promise to make your regular old life extraordinary?”
Paige Dzenis, Fashion Magazine

“Great book; if you have inhibition about pursuing your life’s passions this book is an intellectual guide for you.”
Dharan Prakash, Good Reads 4 of 5 stars

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Ralph Schulz, President and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

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Elizabeth Palermo, Business News Daily

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” ‘Upgrade ‘ explores the philosophies that have helped well-known figures…”
Elizabeth Palermo, Mother Nature Network

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“A dynamic and powerful woman”
Elle AyoubZadeh, Prologue Lifestyle Inc.

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Courtney Shea, The Globe and Mail

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Amoryn Engel, National Post

“… stylish six-foot-tall blond with a brilliant smile and a mind to match, it made perfect sense that she would be publishing a book…”
Bal Harbour Magazine

“Rana’s voice is refreshing–as real as a memoir and a great vessel for this self-help and business book wrapped up in one easily-digestible package.”
David Hershkovitz, Paper Magazine

“Her book rises above the somewhat-predictable list of seven key principles, thanks to her inquiring mind, diverse background, interviews with fascinating people, solid research, and honest, practical approach.”
Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail

“Upgrade offers very solid advice backed by positive psychology and anectodal support from an impressive list off well-known interviewees noted for either their performance excellence or impressive innovation.”
Donald Officer and Kelly Okamura, Praxis Strategic

“…compulsively readable book…”
Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick, She Knows Parenting

“Upgrade provides the keys to making small changes in work and life which will elevate you to a level of greater happiness and fulfillment…”
Next Big Thing

Listed as an “Essential Book To Change Your Life”
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Ken Thoresen, Microsoft Dynamics

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“What I love about this book is that the author has interviewed many highly successful people from all walks of life. I enjoy reading about other people’s journeys and she has captured a lot of really great life lessons from these people.”
Kim DuBrul, Power Coach

“…the strongest and most practical chapter discusses time management and offers concrete suggestions…getAbstract recommends her insights to those seeking to make positive life choices.”
Business Today

“I enjoyed UPGRADE and highly recommend it. It’s not a how-to business or self-help book, it’s an enjoyable read for anyone who likes to get an upgrade.”
Elle AyoubZadeh, Prologue Lifestyle Inc.

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James Wallman, Author, Stuffocation
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“An excellent food-for-thought book, perfect for CEO’s and the average Joe to help them improve business and personal life. A definite must read!”
Noelle Walsh, Good Reads 4 of 5 stars

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“…hostess extraordinaire Rana Florida shows you how to pull it off practically overnight.”

“In her new book, Upgrade, Rana Florida aims to provide readers with the tools to achieve success in work and life. It gathers best practices from CEOs and other business executives, as well as entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers and creative leaders.”
The Globe and Mail

“Richard and Rana Florida, the intellectual power couple behind the Creative Class…”

“This book is a must read…”
The Collative Pro Blog

“Some three weeks later and I still get notes of congratulation about Startup City: Miami. Rana, Richard and the entire Atlantic team did such a great job. Incredible!”
Matt Haggman, Program Director, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

“Good advice from Rana Florida”
JJ Ramberg, Host, MSNBC Your Business

“…this is a really great book…”
Alexandria Pampadour, Luxeha

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